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Pickup Truck Security in Carrollton, TX, That Doesn’t Mess Around 

Let’s face it: times are rough, and dishonest individuals will find anything they can to make a quick buck. There is no easier money to make than stealing the tailgate from a truck. They take about five seconds to remove, and they sell for a decent amount of change at the junkyards. For thieves, it’s fast cash. For you, it strips your vehicle’s identity, makes hauling harder, and can cost you a small fortune to return things to normal.
Protect your truck with Watchdog Tailgate Lock. We are manufacturers who specialize in pickup truck security in Carrollton, TX. With our innovative theft deterrent devices, you are better equipped to stop crooks in their tracks. With our tailgate locks, your truck is ready to thwart thieves when they think they have the upper hand.

About the Watchdog Theft Deterrent System 

Robbers are always looking for something quick and easy to lift--and an unprotected tailgate is like hitting the jackpot to them. Factory tailgates cost up to $5,500 to replace, and the only thing keeping most of these setups “secure” are laughably fragile plastic locks. To add insult to injury, most tailgates don’t even require tools to remove. 


Theft isn’t funny--you need a serious solution that stops thieves. The Watchdog Tailgate Lock provides the last word in theft deterrence. It is a truck security bracket which reinforces the connection between your tailgate and the truck bed’s mounting points. The simple design of our locks belies their sophistication. Our locks:

♦ Install in Minutes

♦ Do Not Require Modification, Cutting, or Drilling

♦ Enable Smooth Operation of the Tailgate



The brackets offer a true, set-and-forget approach to installation that can lead to years of dependable performance. By investing in a tailgate protection system, you don’t just guard your truck--you are also maintaining your peace of mind.


Easy installation, no-frills, and no maintenance: with the Watchdog, thieves won’t stand a chance. For the ultimate solution in tailgate protection, our theft deterrent devices offer peace of mind.



A Different Breed of Truck Protection

Make your vehicle a Watchdog locking pickup truck. Our product lineup includes anti-theft devices for the leading makes and models of trucks, which includes:
♦ Chevrolet
♦ Dodge
♦ Ford
♦ Nissan
♦ Toyota

For only $19.95, you can guard your pickup truck against tailgate theft. Auto dealerships have been using our products for more than eight years--a testament to our product’s proven performance and reliability. Get a Watchdog and make thieves think twice about lifting your tailgate.



Contact us to learn more about our tailgate theft deterrent devices. We are based in Carrollton, TX.